SCRABBLE Rack Attack

SCRABBLE Rack Attack 2.2

Scrabble Rack Attack is a new way of playing the great and addictive Scrabble
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Scrabble Rack Attack, developed by Funkitron is a new way of playing the great and addictive Scrabble game. Scrabble Rack Attack introduces new features and game styles that add to the basic Scrabble a new and attractive gameplay.

The basic rules remain the same, form words with at least three tiles. The difference in this new version is, basically that you are given a rack with seven tiles, each one containing a letter. The goal is to form the biggest amount of words possible using the letters given, and make the meter rise to reach the flags. There are three modes, 1 Rack, that gives you a single rack of letters for the whole game, Rounds, with different racks one after another, and Extreme, where if you type a wrong word, you will be losing points.

Scrabble Rack Attack challenges you in three levels, easy, medium, and hard, and gives you the option of selecting from timed or untimed modes. Playing with a timer gives you only a few minutes to reach the flags, adding the game more excitement and action.

The graphics are cool, and there is a charming and catchy tune playing in the background, as well as sound effects that will let you fully enjoy your game. Scrabble Rack Attack is essential for word games fans.

Mariel Rearte
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  • New game styles
  • Fun and addictive
  • Cool graphics and music


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